A lambeth cabinet/cressingham garden meeting that evoked strong emotions among residents and shocking new information from Neil Vokes, a regenaration Manager

Freedom of information request: FAO: Sean Harriss, the Lambeth Chief Executive

Mr Neil Vokes, a Lambeth council regeneration manager, on or around the 21st March 2016, between, 1900 and 2100hrs addressed Lambeth residents and the Lambeth cabinet.
The cabinet meeting took place at the Lilian Baylis Technology School, 323 Kennington Lane, Kennington, London SE11 5QY

In fact, according to media reports, sources on record and those present at the meeting, after a local resident’s request for clarification ‘Neil Vokes, confirmed that Savills has now signed up to manage Homes for Lambeth’.

He stated(Mr Vokes) that “No residents were involved the procurement of this deal as it was too technical’’. Or words to that effect and meaning or context.

FOI request

Please provide the information below, as a Freedom of information request, as stipulated by the relevant act/statute.

Overarching public interest and good-faith

Sean, I am sure, you recognise, that this is requested in good faith, in the public interest, relating to transparency, accountability and democratic governance.
Essential and critical in the efficient and verifiable management of public funds, public land.
Regarding an issue that is of immediate existential concern and wide spread detriment to many Lambeth residents.

Please kindly publicly publish this request on your website for the benefit of the public.

Specific requested information

1. Therefore please provide all the information regarding the appointment, contracting or signing up Savills to manage the homes for Lambeth.
2. Who contracted or appointed Savills?
3. When was Savills appointed?
4. The nature of the legal position between Lambeth Council and Savills in this context?
5. The funding, detailed finances and sources of funding, in this arrangement?
6. Please provide details of the procurement process including all the participant companies?
7. The criteria used to shortlist and finally choose Savills?
8. Please release all the minutes of all discussions and meetings related to Savills appointment.
9. Please provide the legal basis for Savills appointment.
10. Please provide the legal basis for Savills appointment without any transparent, verifiable and publicly disclosed process.
11. Please provide the technical nature of the procurement process, that led to residents not to be involved. As stated by Mr Vokes in his explanation to the cabinet, on the 21st March 2016, in this particular cabinet meeting.
12. In the event, that there has been a breach of any policy or procedures, by Mr Neil Vokes, Mr Julian Hart et al and/or his supervisors, such as Sue Foster, please confirm whether or not, there will be any or has been, any disciplinary action. Kindly state the nature of the sanction, against those concerned.
13. Please confirm whether or not, as the CEO of Lambeth, you are or should be aware of any other incidents or complaints, where particularly Mr Vokes and/or Mr Julian Hart, in the regeneration team have been said to have withheld/misrepresented from/about residents, and/or provided wrong information to Lambeth residents?
14. Please confirm what action has been taken in any such incidents, if and when they were reported to your office, to correct, sanction or stop this type of behaviour.
15. Please also confirm whether or not there is any other information that is pertinent and relevant to the home demolition exercise across Lambeth, both presently and in the last 5-10 years, that was never provided to the public, residents, cabinet and all stake holders?
16. If there is such information, please publicly provide this information as part of your answer.
17. And finally,please kindly clarify why this would have been the case and if so, whether it was deliberate or not.

Kindly confirm receipt and the next steps.




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