Airey Miller-another private company on another lambeth estate

New FOI Request: FAO Sean Harriss-Lambeth CEO
Dear Mr Harriss
This morning, a lady, who identified herself as working for Airey Miller, was walking around the estate, mapping and making notes.
Residents do not appear to have any knowledge of Airey Miller appointment on Westbury.
  1. Could you please provide any information regarding the work  Airey Miller, on Westbury Estate.
  2. Could you please confirm any work that Airey Miller has done on any other lambeth estate in relation to homes demolition?
  3. Could you please confirm the costs of their work, a process of appointment, as well as the formal tendering process and the criteria for their successful appointment?
  4. When, how and who appointed them?
  5. All minutes and discussions relating to their work and appointment.
  6. Proof of residents consultation,  or involvement in their work.
  7. All information of Airey Miller’s work in Lambeth and all the projects this company is involved in, especially regeneration/demolition of estates.
  8. Could you provide all information since 2012 regarding the use of private companies in relation to estate demolition.
  9. Could you specifically name all the companies/consultants used in estate demolition/regeneration and the process of their appointment.
  10. Please state the costs and expenditure on all private companies/consultants engaged in estate regeneration/demolition? Such as Make good, Met Works on Westbury.

Your Sincerely

Lambeth Resident.


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