Early buy back scheme paying more money to lambeth residents who leave now


Dear Sean


FOI in relation to the ‘early buy back’ scheme in relation to the victims of Lambeth cabinet home demolition


Please provide all information regarding the above scheme in relation to home demolitions in Lambeth


Please provide the legal basis for the scheme with specific legislation authorising such a scheme.


Please provide the financial details of the scheme.


Please also confirm whether or not there will be favourable financial treatment of residents involved in the said scheme and punitive treatment for those who don’t.


Please clarify whether or not this appears to be a corrupt practice.


Please provide all minutes relating to the above scheme and the formal authorisation by the cabinet.


Please provide all information relating to the ‘early buy back scheme’ of the victims of Lambeth home demolition.






General appeal to the Lambeth Chief Executive-Sean Harriss

Dear Sean


I hope all is well.

Just a note regarding information still not provided to residents. In  your capacity as the CEO of Lambeth.

Re: Long due Outstanding issues

  • Financial information requested was withheld.-We asked for this information again and nothing has been forthcoming.FOI
  • Only one piece of information regarding minutes was sent and 99.9% is redacted. This is unacceptable. We need this information as affected residents and as a matter of public interest regarding use of public money. For emphasis we requested this information again or as an internal review.
  • Savills information following Neil Vokes ‘insult’ to residents as ‘contract being too complicated’.
  • DPA request-
  • Contract for Independent resident advisors -New Man Francis- a formal contract from Lambeth.  Appointed in November 2015.
  • Immediate appointment of legal and financial advisors for Westbury.
  • Details of stock survey requested since last year-in the summer.
  • Details of Asbestos experts, repeatedly requested, done months ago
  • Julian Hart -issue complaint about distortion of minutes and meeting outcomes-For almost a year.
  • Johnny Moore Complaint from residents who to this day still writes to us despite a complaint dubbed as red line made over four months ago. He is being imposed on residents despite very strong objection from residents.
  • Mr Vokes (his manager), after procrastination, simply stated. Apparently that from his observation, he apparently sees nothing wrong. No independent investigation appears to have been done.
  • This was referred to your office directly, over a month ago. Nothing has been done. Mr Moore still appears on the estate and writes to residents.
  • Even after, we received a written note from Sue Foster, that he would not attend a meeting/s whilst this is being resolved. This further demonstrates the lack of respect for residents.


General appeal to the Chief Executive-Sean Harriss

As a way of conducting public affairs or dealing with issues of existential threat or affecting the livelihoods or futures of  thousands of people.

We kindly urgently stress that these issues need  to be resolved by your office.  Since they have been repeatedly raised with no resolution. As you  know.

It is evident that the cumulative record of these issues, brought to your attention, repeatedly, without any meaningful, verifiable corrective/disciplinary action,  being taken, against the concerned regeneration/demolition managers, who are managing public resources, leads to an entrenched culture of impunity.

Which taken to its limits, in some cases, as seen last week, makes residents, ordinary law abiding men, women, children and grandmothers, resort to the desperation of locking themselves in a library for ten days. Re: Canergie.

At some point, it becomes clear that the leadership has to take ultimate responsibility for the success and failures of Lambeth. That time is now, if not long overdue.

It is apparent that the organisation is engaged in fights with its own residents and voters.  Traditional voters, party members,  councillors, fundraiser and organisers.

At several fronts. Be it Libraries, home demolitions, garden bridge, child protection, road closures etc.  As well as concerned councillors speaking out publicly, defying the whip and huge demonstrations as you know.

All these ordinary folks, can’t all have plotted to converge against the cabinet or be misguided.

We hope that the leadership will discipline errant officials in the regeneration offices, as reported to you numerous times, in writing.

And insist that they timely provide information requested and work with residents.

About their own homes  and families.  Which the Lambeth cabinet has decided to demolish despite huge public justifiable opposition.

And a high court verdict of unlawfulness, on the part of Lambeth cabinet.

Sean, kindly note that this information is needed without any further delay .

This appears to be deliberate evasive or offensive actions from the regeneration team, led by Sue Foster, Neil Vokes and Julian Hart.

Kind regards