LAMBETH COUNCIL’S Cabinet approved ‘key guarantees’ and the associated adverse impact on human rights, under article 1 protocol 1 of the ECHR, Artticle 8 and Equality Act2010.




The Secretary of states’ ruling re:Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 226(1) (a), Acquisition of Land Act 1981 The London Borough of Southwark (Aylesbury Estate Site 1B-1C) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014 (‘the Order’)

  1. In his ruling, which is attached in full, and summarised below, the secretary of state, Savid Javid says‘, the reasons appear to fall into three categories.
  • insufficient negotiation with remaining leaseholders: Southwark Council had not taken reasonable steps to acquire land interests by agreement;
  • there would be considerable economic, social and environmental dis-benefits for the leaseholders who would remain on the land;
  • Interference with the human rights of those with an interest in the relevant land was not sufficiently justified’.
  1. It’s clear, that these points are identical to the situation in Lambeth and there is nothing in the Cabinet approved ‘Key guarantees’ that addressed them contrary to claims made by Council…

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